Do You Have a Springboard Ritual at Your Company?

Sep 14, 2013

At our company, The Human Resource, we have a tongue and cheek slogan - we make HR Boring.  The idea being, we taking the stress out of working with the most important asset your company has - people.  In this post I want to discuss some thoughts around capitalizing on the skills of your most important asset and maybe in the process make HR even MORE Boring!

I ran across an excellent article by fellow Tweeter - @Anita Fiander entitled: Here Is A Little Known Way To Increase Business Productivity.  Take a minute and read it - well worth your time.  Anita refers to the power rituals can have on you as an entrepreneur.  I want to take it one step further.  


What would happen if every employee in your organization took 30 minutes (15 if 30 seems too long) to simply identify, research, even contact people outside of your company to help generate new business.  Place no parameters around what they do - let them be creative.  As Anita says, Rituals Help You Be More Creative.  Have a fixed, set time each day where everyone in the company is dedicated new business development.  Turn off the phones, serve everyone a coffee and a scone, get them all sugared up to get the ideas flowing and call it the “Springboard Ritual” (if you do that, you better implement a wellness program in place to burn off the calories - we can help you set it up - click here).

Bonus your team if you want… better yet make it a group bonus.  Encourage your team to be a part of your growth.  Whether or not they know it, your team’s livelihood depends on the success of your company - empower them with some ownership in its success.  It doesn’t have to be a huge bonus.  Throw a party.  Shut down early one day and send everyone home to their families. Play laser tag. Either way - make it fun!

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