Obamacare Notice (boy, that sounds like an exciting read, doesn't it?)

Sep 20, 2013

At The Human Resource, we try to blog on items of interest and more importantly, we try to blog on these items with a little humor, maybe even a little edge! So, how does one make a blog post reminding everyone to send out employee notices funny, edgy, or at a minimum something everyone wants to read?   Well, here goes...

First of all, the topic centers on Obamacare.  That isn't the least bit edgy, is it?  No emotional reactions from any of you reading that, is there?

Secondly, this is a U.S. government initiative.  We know there won't be any confusion, complexity or anything humorous to reference.  I guess I will just abandon my attempt at levity and get to my point in sending this out.

Please remember to send out the government required notice to employees before October 1, 2013!  (To be honest, I don't know how the government will know if the notice was sent or not but, I really wouldn't want to find out if it was my company.)  There are two notices to choose from:

Send this one to your employees if you currently offer them health care coverage:

We offer healthcare coverage.

Send this one to your employees if you do not currently offer them health care coverage:

We do not offer healthcare coverage.

Have a great day and I promise, next time we will try to post something more entertaining to read!

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Posted by Jennifer on
I have 6 employees. Am I still required to post these notices?
Posted by admin on
Hi Jennifer-

Any business that has employees is required to post this notice.

I hope this helps. Send us another note or give us a call if you have any further questions.

Posted by Jennifer on
Thank you for the quick response... i
Posted by admin on
Our pleasure!
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