Do you know YOUR Company?

Mar 03, 2014

Do you know your business?

Establishing core values for a business seems like a pretty straight-ahead, no-brainer activity. Authors, Collis & Porras described these core values as essential tenets to the organization.  So I thought this would be an easy activity. After all, The Human Resource has been around for a number of years and relatively successful.  As we are looking to expand our business, establishing the infrastructure of what a larger entity has to offer is critical to our growth and targeting the markets we hope to penetrate.

Some of the critical elements of The Human Resource include helping businesses be successful, continuing our own development and education, being honest, providing excellent customer service and attention to detail. It seems simple really...after all, this is what a lot of service-based businesses do...but what is essential to our core? Collis & Porras suggested you are on the right track if you can envision these values being as valid for you 100 years from now as they are today. Okay, good!  Seems easy enough...

Nope...let’s split some hairs!  Is the commitment to our customers relentless, unrelenting, or that we do not relent? Do we pledge to be an organization that values work/life commitment? Do we promise? Do we covenant? As Todd and Ibantered about the exact adjective or noun we wanted, we would get stuck and have to let one rest. After cycling through, rereading, scratching out, and really just listening to whether these words resonated with us, we did it!

The Human Resource

Core Values


  • Fanatical Service to our Client
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and learning
  • Covenant to work-life balance
Have you thought about the Core Values of your Company? Contact us if you would like to participate in a process of discovery and bring your company values front and center. If you do, you already know what values are at your core!

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