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Sep 17, 2014

Traditionally, most businesses have offered sick time and vacation time.  With this arrangement, it causes you as a manager to track two different time banks, decide on the legitimacy of a “sick day” phone call, and push employees to use their remaining sick days before year’s end because they believe they’ve earned ‘em.

So let’s keep it simple, shall we?  PTO is a combination of both vacation & sick leave that allows employees time off regardless of the reason.  Here are what some of our clients have said.  

“PTO is much more user-friendly - we don't have to determine what "counts" as sick time vs personal time (dr. appointment, sick child...sick pet?) or anything like that. We also don't have people abusing the policy, because they love the flexibility of it and the recognition that their time is their time for whatever they want to use it.  No more people faking sick days who aren't sick so they don't "lose" their sick days - now those who don't get sick can plan appropriately for all of their absences, which is much less disruptive to the organization.  No regrets at all!

No more having to monitor, We do still request when employees are planning to take your vacation to give us a heads up, to ensure department is staffed. No issues at all.”

“In the beginning, did get a lot of complaints but once it was up and running, the employees began to see the positives, they loved it. The freedom is a huge advantage. We included in our PTO policy the number of hours earned based on years with the company, personal days, and a "floating holiday". The holiday eliminated the problem of employees needing a day off for religious purposes that was not included in the set holidays observed by the company. Limits were set so employees could not bank more that a certain amount. This was to stop employees from taking more than a total of 3 weeks off at one time. We also allowed a limited number of hours to be taken as a pay out at the end of the year. This gave more flexibility to employees that didn't vacation as often, didn't get sick, or have family obligations. It was a great plan and I wish I could convince other business owners it is the best way to go.”

“Some felt they were being penalized for not calling in sick and being good employees.  But once they understood how much more time they will have to use as needed, they understood it was a great benefit.  For instance, if they accrued two weeks sick time each year, that two weeks now really became time off for any reason and viewed it as extra vacation!!!  Nine months later I don't think anyone in the organization is talking about it and it has taken the stress off the field of having to determine what is a sick day and what is a vacation day.”

If you feel like this is something you want to explore to make your employee management process easier, give us a call.  We’ll help with the math of how to move from vacation & sick time to a very easy PTO plan for your team.  


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